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Uses of Lithium Dihydrogen Phosphate

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Lithium Dihydrogen Phosphate is a chemical substance with the molecular formula LiH2PO4. It is a colorless monoclinic crystal or white powder. Soluble in dilute acid. The manufacturer of Lithium Dihydrogen Phosphate pointed out that it is slightly soluble in water, and its solubility in cold water is greater than that in hot water. Insoluble in alcohol and acetone. It can be used to make ceramics, medicines, catalysts, etc. Commonly used raw materials for lithium-ion batteries. Because the main raw material for the production of Lithium Dihydrogen Phosphate is salt lake brine, enterprises that produce Lithium Dihydrogen Phosphate on a large scale must have the right to exploit the salt lake resources with abundant lithium resources, which makes the industry have a high resource barrier.

Lithium Dihydrogen Phosphate

The main uses of Lithium Dihydrogen Phosphate:

  1. Used in the metallurgical industry: Lithium is a light metal, which is strong in combination with oxygen atoms. It is used as a deoxidizer in the process of industrial copper and nickel smelting; lithium can be used as a sulfur cleaner; lithium can be alloyed with a variety of metals.

   2. The raw materials for the production of lithium batteries: on the scale of high-energy lithium battery manufacturing. The specific energy of Lithium Dihydrogen Phosphate is 3 times that of nickel-hydrogen batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries, and 2 times that of lead-acid batteries. Use in alloy manufacturing: Magnesium-lithium aluminum alloy is the lighter metal structural material in magnesium alloys studied so far, and it will have a broader application prospect in aerospace and communications.

  3. Use of ceramics: In the glass industry, it is used as a special glass with high resistance, and it is used as a flux when used in ductile ceramics, ceramic coatings for metal protection, and heat-resistant ceramic coatings!

   4. The use of lubricating oil: Lithium Dihydrogen Phosphate lithium-based grease has good water resistance and good high and low temperature lubrication performance.