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What is Lithium Carbonate (Industrial Grade)

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Lithium Carbonate (Industrial Grade) is mainly used in steel continuous casting mold powder; in the electrolytic aluminum industry, adding Lithium Carbonate (Industrial Grade) can reduce the volatility, viscosity and melting point of the electrolyte, and improve the conductivity of the electrolyte, thereby reducing heat loss and increasing Current efficiency, energy saving and extension of the life of the electrolytic cell; used to prepare refrigerant lithium bromide; used to prepare metal lithium electrolysis material lithium chloride; used to prepare high-purity grade lithium carbonate and pharmaceutical grade lithium carbonate materials; at the same time widely Used in glass, ceramics, enamel and enamel, etc.

Lithium Carbonate (Industrial Grade)

Lithium Carbonate (Industrial Grade) properties: monoclinic crystal white powder, with fluidity, slightly soluble in water, soluble in acid, insoluble in alcohol, acetone, liquid ammonia.

Lithium Carbonate (Industrial Grade) transportation requirements: The product is not classified as a hazardous chemical and is suitable for sea, rail, air and road transportation. Pay attention to moisture-proof and acid-proof during transportation.

Lithium Carbonate (Industrial Grade) storage and use: powder should avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothes; keep it away from strong acids and strong oxidizing substances, ventilated and airtight.