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Uses of Cesium Fluoride

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Cesium Fluoride is a good base in organic chemistry, mainly because its fluoride ion is not very nucleophilic. Studies have pointed out that cesium fluoride is more efficient than potassium fluoride or sodium fluoride for Knoevenagel condensation reaction. In addition, because cesium fluoride is suitable for removing silicon-containing protecting groups, its reaction with tetrahydrofuran or dimethylformamide can convert many organosilicon compounds into organosilicon fluorine compounds and a carbanion. E.g:

Cesium Fluoride
Cesium Fluoride can also use the desilylation reaction to remove the silicon protecting group.
Cesium Fluoride is also an important raw material for introducing fluorine into organic compounds. For example, Cesium Fluoride reacts with hexafluoroacetone to form a perfluoroalkoxy cesium salt, which is stable below 60 °C, much more stable than the corresponding potassium and sodium salts. Since far infrared rays can easily pass through cesium fluoride crystals, cesium fluoride crystals can be used in infrared spectroscopy.