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The main application of Lithium tetraborate

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Lithium tetraborate appears as white crystals. The melting point is 930°C. Slightly soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol and other organic solvents. Usually pentahydrate. Lithium pentaborate (Li2B10O16) is often octahydrate, a white powder, with a relative density of 1.72, and it loses all crystal water at 300-350°C. Both can be prepared by melting and reacting lithium hydroxide and boric acid together, and are mainly used as enamel.

Lithium tetraborate

Lithium tetraborate, also known as lithium pyroborate, has a molecular formula of Li2B4O7 and a molecular weight of 169.12. High-purity, high-density Lithium tetraborate is a new type of temperature-compensated surface wave substrate chip and piezoelectric single crystal substrate material, used in microelectronics, digital technology, optoelectronic technology, new computers, video communication, military technology, aerospace, Satellite communications, national defense technology and many other fields have extensive and important applications.

In addition, Lithium tetraborate can also be used in the field of analysis, such as detecting the main content of industrial barium carbonate. The method includes: using analytically pure Lithium tetraborate as a solvent in a platinum crucible and melting it into a sample required by the fluorometer, as the sample to be tested, before testing It is necessary to use analytical pure Lithium tetraborate as a solvent plus premium pure barium carbonate to melt a series of standard samples, establish a standard working curve, and finally use the working curve to detect and analyze the barium carbonate content of the sample to be tested.