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What is the main purpose of Rubidium Carbonate

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Rubidium Carbonate is easily soluble in dry water. It can be obtained by passing carbon dioxide into the filtrate obtained from the reaction of rubidium sulfate and barium hydroxide, or by reacting rubidium nitrate with excess oxalic acid to prepare rubidium oxalate, and then calcining and removing insoluble impurities. Used to make special glass.

Rubidium Carbonate

Rubidium Carbonate is often used as a raw material for reagents and chemical industry and glass industry.

If Rubidium Carbonate is inhaled, please move the patient to fresh air; if skin contact, remove contaminated clothing, wash the skin thoroughly with soap and water, and seek medical advice if you feel unwell; Rinse with running water or normal saline, and seek medical attention immediately; if ingested, rinse your mouth immediately, prohibit vomiting, and seek medical attention immediately. Move the patient to a safe place, consult a doctor, and if possible, please show this chemical safety technical specification to the doctor on site.

If Rubidium Carbonate leaks, collect the leaked liquid in a sealable container as far as possible in a small amount, absorb it with sand, activated carbon or other inert materials, and transfer to a safe place. It is forbidden to flush into the sewer; if there is a large amount of leakage, construct a dike or Dig the pit for storage, seal the drainage pipe, cover it with foam to suppress evaporation, use an explosion-proof pump to transfer it to a tank truck or a special collector, and recycle it or transport it to a waste disposal site for disposal.