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Quality Assurance



Shanghai Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services, not only to meet the increasingly diverse needs of customers, more efforts to exceed customer expectations. To this end, after many years we have established a product quality inspection and assurance system.


       Our quality inspection and assurance system ensures the stability and improvement of product quality by monitoring and evaluating the entire process of the product.


       We use a variety of instruments and tools, including the internal assessment of the system and external customer research, review, etc., to ensure that the quality of the final product is controllable at every step and to ensure that control capabilities are up through all stages of the system Enhance.


       To this end, we constantly deploy and strengthen staffing and gradually increase the investment in equipment to ensure the perfect operation of the system.


       In order to enhance the control of the production process and the on-site management ability, we introduced the "5S" management system in cooperation with the operation of the system and achieved good results. In response to the demand of "order-based production, continuous production of large quantities of main products, Small batch of varieties of products for frequent change "the production characteristics, improve a set of quality assurance management system.


       Our quality policy is: scientific research and development, fine manufacturing, quality products, perfect service. We are in accordance with this policy, together with customers, create an immortal performance.