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Quality Lithium Carbonate (Ceramatic Grade) carbonization purification system process introduction

Quality Lithium Carbonate (Ceramatic Grade) carbonization purification system process introduction

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With the rapid development of the ceramic industry, the demand for quality Lithium Carbonate (Ceramatic Grade) continues to increase, the scope of application continues to expand, and the purity requirements of lithium carbonate are getting higher and higher. It is imperative to purify quality Lithium Carbonate (Ceramatic Grade) to produce battery-grade or high-purity lithium carbonate.

quality Lithium Carbonate (Ceramatic Grade)

The purification of quality Lithium Carbonate (Ceramatic Grade) generally adopts the carbonization decomposition method. The method has the characteristics of simple operation, high purification efficiency, low production cost, low pollution, etc. The mother liquor after thermal decomposition can be returned to the slurry for recycling, which effectively improves the recovery rate of lithium.

Quality Lithium Carbonate (Ceramatic Grade) carbonization purification process introduction: mix quality Lithium Carbonate (Ceramatic Grade) with water (or return to mother liquor) in a certain proportion, and add a certain amount of complexing agent to obtain lithium carbonate slurry. The lithium carbonate slurry undergoes a carbonization reaction with carbon dioxide through a carbonization tower under a certain pressure and temperature to obtain a lithium bicarbonate solution. The lithium bicarbonate solution is filtered to remove impurities to obtain a purified solution. The purified liquid is heated and decomposed by a decomposition tower to obtain a purified lithium carbonate slurry. The pyrolyzed lithium carbonate slurry is thickened with a thickener, and then centrifuged, dried, sieved, de-ironed, crushed, mixed, and packaged to obtain quality Lithium Carbonate (Ceramatic Grade). The decomposed carbon dioxide can be recovered through the carbon dioxide recovery system.