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Production and application of lithium carbon (battery grade)

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Lithium carbonate is widely used in the production of secondary lithium salt and lithium metal products, and it is the most critical product in the lithium industry.

In the current actual production process of lithium carbonate, the main raw materials are extracted from salt lake brine and ore. At present, the solid ore extraction method is mainly used in the production process of lithium carbonate in China, and the salt lake brine extraction process is mostly used in foreign countries. At present, China is also actively exploiting salt lake lithium resources, but due to the limitations of technology, resources and other factors, the development speed is relatively slow.

Therefore, it is necessary to deeply explore the production and application of lithium carbon (battery grade). Lithium carbonate is widely used in industrial production, and it is also one of the important raw materials in pharmaceutics. It also plays a very important role in the development of chemical industry. In the actual production process, lithium carbonate is divided into industrial grade lithium carbonate and lithium carbonate (battery grade) according to its purity. Lithium carbon (battery grade) has higher chemical purity and less impurities, which can effectively ensure the performance of the battery.

With the continuous development of the current industry, the requirements for the purity of lithium carbonate are constantly improving. Many industries directly require the use of lithium carbonate (battery grade), and the requirements for lithium carbonate process are higher and higher, which not only requires the quality of production, but also requires the scale and modernization of production.

Lithium carbonate (battery grade) is a key raw material for the production of cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries, such as lithium cobalt oxide batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary batteries, which are all synthesized on the basis of lithium carbonate (battery grade). In addition, lithium carbon (battery grade) as an electrolyte additive of lithium-ion battery can not only significantly improve the safety performance of the battery, but also prolong its service life. Therefore, the improvement of preparation process of lithium carbon (battery grade) plays an important role in promoting the development of lithium-ion battery industry.