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What is Cesium Carbonate

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Cesium Carbonate is a white solid, easily soluble in water, and quickly absorbs moisture when placed in the air. The aqueous solution of Cesium Carbonate is strongly alkaline. It can react with acid to produce corresponding cesium salt and water, and release carbon dioxide. Cesium Carbonate should be sealed, dry and stored separately from acids.

Cesium Carbonate

Cesium Carbonate is prepared by the reaction of cesium hydroxide with carbon dioxide or the reaction of nitrate with excess oxalic acid to obtain acid oxalate after heating and decomposing, and then using recrystallization to remove insoluble carbon particles and impurities.

Cesium Carbonate is used to prepare the basic raw materials of various cesium salts, and Cesium Carbonate is used to produce special optical glass, petroleum catalyst additives, special ceramics, sulfuric acid industry, analytical reagents, artificial crystal synthesis, etc.